Analysis of Other Games

Analysis of other games and how they promote character player empathy. The beginners guide: the beginners guide is a walking simulator style game in which a silent protagonist is guided through a series of different games by a narrator. The narrator is telling players the story of the individual who made the games: Coda. Players … Continue reading Analysis of Other Games

Character Empathy – Summary Of Progress

Goal: To create player-character empathy in a multiplayer game that I can use to affect the emotional states between players over time. So far I have explored both types of empathy, and how to elicit an empathetic response in players. I have created games that are fun, that when people play they do experience changes … Continue reading Character Empathy – Summary Of Progress

Character Creation Iteration

At this point in development the character creation system needs serious iteration. IT fails to make enough of an impact on the player experience to make players care about the characters. The characters are currently just thin veneers for players and provide no actual immersion or purpose in the game. In order to try and … Continue reading Character Creation Iteration