Comparison Of Character Creation Systems

In order to make my character creation system first I need to see what my competition on the market is in the hopes to draw inspiration. Having ascertained there are two types of system: Free form and Structured, it seems that the unique aspects of these systems come from the way players make a character. … Continue reading Comparison Of Character Creation Systems

Character Creation Research

Character creation. Now that I understand how to make people empathise with other people, and fictional characters, I need to begin deciding what kind of character creation system should be in the game. Player Created Vs Designer created The first looming decision is this: should players create their own characters, or choose from a list … Continue reading Character Creation Research

Creating Player-Avatar Empathy

As the game is designed to create this deep immersive, but ever changing relationship, players need to empathise with their in-game avatar. This will create more immersion and a more believable story and play-through. The empathy will be used to forge the relationship between player and their avatar, this will work because it will make … Continue reading Creating Player-Avatar Empathy

Cooperation VS Competition

Today’s blog post will be about: Should this game consist of cooperation or competition? Making a game playable by multiple people comes with its own challenges and design hurdles. But multiplayer games can be an excellent source of motivation, immersion and tension. Developers of the Souls series use it as an excellent form of tension … Continue reading Cooperation VS Competition